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C., Gianelle, & A. Kleibrink, (2015) Monitoring Mechanisms for Smart Specialisation Strategies, European Commission, Joint Research Centre PDF
In the context of innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3), monitoring mechanisms perform three fundamental functions: (1) inform about what the strategy achieved and whether implementation is on track and making this information available to decision makers; (2) clarify the logic of intervention of the strategy and make it comprehensible to the broader public; (3) support the constructive involvement and participation of stakeholders through transparent communication and promote trust building. RIS3 monitoring focuses on tracking the developments related to policy interventions within the specific priority areas identified in the strategy. The monitoring mechanism should be able to capture and follow the relevant expected changes that are foreseen in each RIS3 priority by means of an appropriate choice of result indicators; it should also capture and follow the policy output that ought to make expected changes happen. Regions and countries with extensive experience in monitoring innovation strategies and territorial development policies in general should build on existing monitoring structures; those with limited experience in this field should begin to develop their own internal capacities and experience starting with simple indicator systems, following the practical guidelines of this brief.
Sample monitoring report: Kentriki Makedonia 2014 PDF
The content of this report includes material that has been produced by URENIO Research during the implementation of the "Smart Specialization" project, funded by the Interreg Greece-Bulgaria 2007 - 2013 programme. © URENIO Research. During the conduction of the report the output indicators were not distributed during the following years, until the target year. The distribution of output indicators is fictional and provided only to display the charts that can be produced by the application. Additional formatting has been applied on the report produced by the application.